We are committed to giving back to the aviation community that has given us so much. We want to contribute our part by giving back the dream of flight.

No one goes through the aviation journey alone, in one way or another we've all been helped by the incredible community of people that make up aviation. Whether it be advice from mentors, friends lending their expertise and/or airplane or even organizations for networking, we've all benefited from incredibly generous people- we certainly have. And for that reason we want to give back by helping people achieve their dream in aviation.

We are allocating three percent of the gross profit from every sale into a scholarship for a Private Pilot License.

We value transparency and accountability, therefore we have displayed the allocated monies in our website in real time*.


Every $10,000 USD accumulated will be distributed as a a singular PPL scholarship.
The scholarship funds counter will only be shown from $0- $10,000

All that will be needed is a post on Facebook or instagram nominating yourself or someone else with a compelling reason or story, as to why you should receive the scholarship. More information will be released when the funds reach $8,000USD.

Most instances we will take the top 5 entires and will draw 1 random winner.

Sometimes we will take an extraordinary story and make them the winner- with the communities support.

When we partner with a flight school, we'll allow them to choose one of their students as a winner.

We're excited to share the stories of nominees with your, and take you through the journey with us.

Winner will be announced via our social media channels and via email. Good Luck!