We are two brothers who were lucky to be born into an aviation family- we now fly for an airline and for fun. We've put our skillsets together to create Yager, and to give back to the aviation community that has given us so much.

We've taken 10 years of experience in the clothing design and manufacturing industry, and 4 generations of aviation passion to create what we believe to be the worlds first airworthy clothing line for general aviation- that gives back.

Yager is a lifestyle brand that represents the pilot's passion for aviation through aesthetically beautiful designs and airworthy products. We celebrate the guts it takes to take flight on the first solo, the courage to safely push personal limits, and the grit, determination, and perseverance it takes to get through all the stages of a pilot's journey.

We are fully committed on only using premium quality materials that will outlast a few logbook, and to creating innovative, aesthetically beautiful designs pilots will be proud to wear for years. Yager products are backed by our Built For The Skies™, standards. A guarantee backed by our obsession to delivery the finest quality goods for pilots.


We are allocating three percent of the gross profit from every sale into a scholarship for a Private Pilot License.